Embody Your Authentic Identity Everyday Customized for You

  • 3 months to ingrain your authentic self with an individualized plan
  • Meet your archetype and find your driving force and uniqueness, so you can finally live your life in alignment
  • Activate your Authentic Self with   program activations and  3 Individual sessions with me (1 per month)
  • TOTAL VALUE $1,250


  • Bonus - Emotional Tools

Working With Nancy

Working through the 3 month process with Nancy has completely enlightened and freed me as a person. I was struggling with many different issues that impacted me profoundly and to my core. The weekly sessions and the process in which we unraveled who and what I thought I was to blossom into the new & improved me was quite an experience. Nancy helped me discover and work through my issues in a way that came natural and not hindering. Without her course and work I would have remained stuck in my habitual hell.

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